"... a computer can't decrypt a code ..."
"... if it doesn't know if the code actually decrypts to something ..."

One-time pad

The One-time pad has been mathematically proven to have the property of Perfect Secrecy; the resulting ciphertext of a one-time pad is impossible to decrypt or break without knowing the (secret) key.

Whereas even the best symmetric/asymmetric algorithms cannot be proven to be absolutely secure; they rely on complex or hard mathematical problems which could become vulnerable to attack.


Cipher-Packet (CP) improves on the one-time pad; the ciphertext is hidden in random data - preventing an adversary from being able to isolate the ciphertext. Since an adversary is unable to isolate the ciphertext, they are unable to perform any kind of cryptanalysis (including "known-plaintext" attacks).

The CP algorithm:

CipherPacket.h (CP Algorithm; C++ header)

An example/test program which uses CP:

cp11.tgz (.tar.gz archive)

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