In my informed opinion, Cipher-Packet (CP) is the best (most secure) encryption/decryption technology currently available.

The algorithm is simple and fast.
If the algorithm is not perfect, it is close to perfection.

The software made available here is designed and setup for file encryption/decryption.

One-time pad

The One-time pad has been mathematically proven to have the property of Perfect Secrecy; the resulting ciphertext of a one-time pad is impossible to decrypt/break without knowing the (secret) key.

Currently, even the best symmetric/asymmetric algorithms cannot be proven to be absolutely secure; they rely on complex or hard mathematical problems which could become vulnerable to attack.


CP improves on the one-time pad; the ciphertext is hidden in random data preventing an adversary from being able to isolate the ciphertext. Since an adversary is unable to isolate the ciphertext, they are unable to perform any kind of cryptanalysis/attack.

Source code: CP15.tgz (.tar.gz archive)

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